Figure 5: New Design Loewe televisions – television Test in 2017


Figure 5: New Design TV brand Loewe

Bild 5: Neuer Design-Fernseher der Marke Loewe

The Loewe image 5 is of the latest Design TV the TV manufacturer. But not only with the design of the traditional white points of the company.

Table of contents

  • Loewe brings image 5 in different color tones on the market
  • What are the properties of the Loewe picture 5 brings to the table?

The traditional companies fighting back in the market the respected TV manufacturer? With “image 5” is now a TV on the market, which is able to convince at least from a Design standpoint, at first glance. However, a TV is considered to be a device mainly used in the switched-on Status. The nice appearance must not be, therefore, as an encore.

Thus, the question as to the Features of the Loewe figure 5 represents clearly. Before, however, will focus on the peculiarities, we will deal with us first of all a little closer with the unusual Design.


Loewe brings image 5 in different color tones on the market

The new Loewe has a trim strip, the colour tones exchange. There is talk of so-called Cover-Kits. With this strategy, the TV farmer adds to his image 5 a unique feature.

The bar itself is made of brushed aluminum. On request, these can be in the colours light grey, Graphite grey, or Cappuccino to dressing. Also to Design the kind of installation. Of course, the TV must be attached to the wall. In addition, table solutions and feet are available. The latter allow the set-Up, without a TV table.


What are the properties of the Loewe picture 5 brings to the table?

We have to admit, the image 5 is really beautiful to look at. But this also still applies if the power button is pressed? It is a LCD TV with E-Backlight. Is sold the device in the sizes 32, 40, 48 and 55 inches. Equipped with the latest operating system in the company lion and a special control, the “Loewe Assist remote control” should be provided for ease of use.

It is still a 4K television, which dissolves with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. A little like surprise, that Loewe brings the LCD technology. Many manufacturers are currently climbing on OLED and also the manufacturer from Kronach with figure 7 already has a OLED in the range.

Image 5 plays, also, with his connections in the foreground:

  • 4x HDMI UHD
  • 1x USB 3.0
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Optional Bluetooth

However, the 32-incher has a HDMI port less to show for it. Technically sound, the Loewe is equipped with a 5.1 Audi-a multi-channel decoder. Gears with Bluetooth and Streaming from Amazon, YouTube, Maxdome and Co. The instant program change and Multi-shot are also worth mentioning.

What Information do we have as yet been guilty of? The price: For the model in the 32 inch has to be a total of 1,490 Euro. A 40-inch TV will cost 2.590 Euro. Image 5 in the size of 48 inches, is sold for 2.990 euros. The 55-incher is the greatest solution, and is estimated at 3,590 euros.