Advertisement in TV-program: ZAK objected to programs – TV Test in 2017


Advertisement in TV-program: ZAK objected programs

Werbung im TV-Programm: ZAK beanstandet Programme

Three stations have made in the past year, the ZAK following guilty and certain conditions are violated. The focus of the advertising ban during the Transfer.

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  • In what formats the TV advertising channel without permission?

The “approval and supervision of the media authorities” (ZAK) in Germany as a program guard is active. Their tasks also include searching for and Addressing unauthorized advertising on the TV. The audience will fill in the interruption of movies and TV shows legally with Clips. During the Transmission, the formats must not be made without the approval of surreptitious advertising.

This Offense has denounced the ZAK now in the case of three channels. The criticism formats the TV channel Anixe, Sport1 and satellite are exposed to.1. It is noted here that a violation of “journalistic principles”.


In what formats the TV advertising channel without permission?

Advertising is omnipresent. While watching TV, viewers want to, at least outside of the well-known advertising breaks, but with Spots spared. Of course, there are other ways to advertise. Below we present, where the broadcasters have done with surreptitious advertising.


Specifically, it deals with the Format of “Anixe Car News” of 29. In March 2016. A automobile came off in the assessment. The ZAK has reported that this brand and the appropriate model were praised. The determination is the prohibition of advertising: infringement of the Creep. Anixe had the following proposed endorsement as a product placement, which, however, was rejected. In a counselor consignment no creeping is allowed advertising.


On 7. April 2016, in the program “soccer live – UEFA Europa League Countdown,” it came to a blend of advertising and editorial content. Furthermore, it was promised in a Clip from bwin for more information on the presenter, which followed. The finding is a violation of the separation of TV advertising and programme.


In The Case Of A Satellite.1 was found to be a violation of the “acts”. The exact programme from the 19th century. June 2016 meant. It is actually one of the few journalistic formats on the channel. However, it was not denounced the ads. Rather, the transmitter may be accused of unfair research methods. Specifically, in the case of a father had been geschildet, which his daughter denied the alimony. The daughter stood in the spotlight. The father, however, was addressed as “defaulters Raven’s father.” The point of view of the father was not in the post. The reporting was so one-sided. In addition, various information could be obtained only because of using a hidden camera has filmed.